CD 742 No Embossing Canadian.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted March 30, 2002

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This is a CD 742 No Embossing Canadian, found along an abandoned telegraph line by my friend Tim, I am now undergoing a state of depression because it's NOT MINE! It is not in near mint condition as it appears at first glance, but rather has a large fracture on the back which causes the entire back side to fall off, however it may be glued, and appear mint if you display it the way it is in this photo. How much would you be willing to pay? Even though it is not for sale. Good news! I managed to talk him into a trade for two Canadian Porcelain multiparts, yes! I'd say it's worth it, I have several of the multiparts, and, heck, who wouldn't trade some boring subtle sky blue and brown glazed porcelain pieces for some good threadless glass?