Stuart Insulator

By Terry Drollinger; posted July 13, 2008

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This is a close up of the Stuart Insulator that was hiding in the Combined CD Display. This insulator was named because of the people reporting it: Stuart and Isabella Miller of Rapid City, Michigan. According to Marion Milholland's bicentennial edition of their reference book. Page 78. this insulator is said to be clear.

One, or should I say part of one was found at the Hemingray dump by Darin Cochran and Roger Lucas [id=215126692]

A drawing of this insulator is on the cover of a Milholland price guide. Not sure of the date? The guide mentions it is owned by Bob and Phoebe Adams. They were NIA Lifetime Members from Florida. They passed on, and a good friend of theirs Jim Colburn is the present owner of this odd insulator.

The color of this one is not clear as reported and no CD number has been assigned to this "Stuart".