Purple-eared CD 257 Mickey Mouse

By Dwayne Anthony; posted July 11, 2008

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This mouse appeared at the 2008 Portland National in the joint CD display. It unfortunately found its way toward the bottom of the display case due to its position in the CD system, so some might have missed it. By request, here is a good closeup pic of it, just in time for "Insulator of the Week".

Only two examples are currently known in the hobby. [id=249567331; The second one] contains about half the intensity of purple in the ears. The glass composition is extremely similar to the two-tone ice aqua/purple CD 151 H.G. Co. Petticoats with sharp drips. This one first appeared back in 1990 in a small collection purchased in So. Cal. by Tony Gray. Dave Hall subsequently purchased it and owned it until 2001. The second one was introduced into the hobby around the same time (1990) by Rob Lloyd after owning it for a while.