The CD display at the National - The rarest of the rare...

By Bill Meier; posted July 1, 2008

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Up until today, there was only a specimen of a CD 184 Climax know, but for the National display, for the first time ever, a complete insulator will be shown. Several CD 148 "The Slice" have been located outside the Smithsonian, and the best of them will be available for display as well.

A number of very rare, one or two of a kind insulators, are also shown...

OK, what's up? ... Well, I suggested to Howard, that to truly make the CD display complete, you of course have to have all the CD's... Unfortunately not every example of all the rarest CD's can make it to the show, so I thought one could print out pictures of them on transparencies and put them in the hole where the insulator would go.

This was my "screening room" where I would select the best picture of each. Note of course there is white paper behind these to photograph them, but they look great back lit.

Photographs used for these fill-ins courtesy of the McDougalds.