5th Annual S.W.O.I.S. #10 - Closing Down

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 11, 2008

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After everyone waddles back to their tables, carrying a few extra pounds of food, the take-down begins, and all the insulators who lost their chance to change hands are packed away in their newspaper shelters for another chance next year.

Many collectors converse before parting ways. In the foreground from left to right, my father, Henry, tells Ken Gardner and Cliff MacMinn quite sternly to "Come back next year, y'hear?". In the background my older brother, Brent (blocked by my father), converses with my mother, Hilary, and one of only 3 U.S. collectors to attend, the right honourable Patrick Young. It was good to see the "Brookfield Boys" back in Canada once again, and I understand they had a chance to do some hunting while they were up here, and were able to turn up some nice pieces! My girlfriend, Cassie, makes a rare appearance, but refuses to show her face as she appraises the situation. "Bunch of lunatics", are her most likely thoughts.

As usual, the show was a lot of fun, and a grand success. If you haven't made it out before, please do consider coming next year!

All the best!

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