5th Annual S.W.O.I.S. #9 - Lunch!

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 11, 2008

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And then the dinner bell wrang, and every ear in the place perked up. It had begun. That which all had awaited for the entirety of the day had finally arrived. Lunch.

Each year my mum assembles a real feat of a feast to feed the army of collectors who arrive to talk glass, trade, and then eat. This year, with help from my wonderful girlfriend, Cassie, and my older brother, Brent, was no exception! Brent dispenses more hamburgers to satiate the hungry crowd, while Manfred Hagar (white T-shirt) decides which varieties of salad to fit on his plate this time around. Steve Wessel (plaid shirt) and his wife are too eager to wait for the food, while Jacob (red T-shirt), a young collector from London, has to come up for air from sheer exposure to too many powerful food fumes! Also featured is Pat Young's very attractive left ear from behind!