5th Annual S.W.O.I.S. #5 - Old Friends.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 11, 2008

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Two folks particularly happy to see each other were a couple friends of olde whom hadn't seen each other for many years - John Badowski of Toronto, Ontario and Paul Axman of Guelph, Ontario. Another new face to this show this year was a Mr. John Badowski, one of Canada's most renowned threadless collectors, and a very knowledgeable fellow in the hobby. Mr. Badowski was featured in the January 1999 issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire as one of Canada's "Men in Blue" - a police officer who spends his spare time collecting insulators! How bizarre!

On the far left is John's daughter, an aspiring new collector who went home with some amber Diamond ponies and a royal purple G.N.W. TEL. CO. CD 145. In the middle is John Badowski himself, and on the far right is Paul Axman, Canada's foremost porcelain guru, and all 'round nice guy!

John had set up a "modest" display of threadless porcelain styles, including horned and unhorned "Elliots", a southern porcelain block, a confederate egg in porcelain, and a porcelain cutter. All pieces that us Ontario collectors never get to see!

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