5th Annual S.W.O.I.S. #4 - Distance Award

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 11, 2008

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It seems every insulator show has it's own "distance award" to present, but not so often does it go to someone quite so deserving! I suppose there are lots of contenders for this prize, but I should think one of them would be the man on the left in this photo; a Mr. Reid Ryder, who made the trek some 2000 miles via WestJet all the way from Edmonton, Alberta! An amazing individual in both personality and collecting savvy, he spent the weekend here at my place while we showed him the sights that small town Ontario has to offer.

On the right is another particularly amazing fellow - a Mr. Richard Hiiuvain from Woodstock, Ontario. Richard & I have been on hunts together several times, and he is one of the few fellows who made it out to the first S.W.O.I.S., and has not missed a year since! He had some very interesting pieces to sell or trade - including a glass cutter, an awesome specimen of a Ponds Patent wooden insulator, and a couple rams horns - not to mention the colourful toll glass!

In the background, Kyle Waters & Kevin Kidd converse about coloured, numbered ponies - something that doesn't turn up too often in Ontario