Any ideas on what this might be?

By John Moon; posted June 9, 2008

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Update - This is a table leg for a battery cabinet or table. Some also have insulators cemented to them, however it is my understanding that they were used in fire watch towers.

This supposedly came out of an old insulator collection here in MO. Not saying that makes it an insulator but it is kind of an interesting piece of glass that I would like some more information on if possible.

It is solid glass and measures 11-1/2" long, which includes 2" of threading at the top, and is 1-3/4" in diameter. It is embossed V.H. & T.B.N.Y. under the threads.

It has already been suggested to be a toilet plunger handle, however I don't think it is quite long enough for that. All thoughts, theories and suggestions welcomed.