CREB cornflower blue & H-PET light sapphire comparison

By Lee Brewer; posted May 14, 2008

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OK, now that we have an idea of what a cornflower blue CREB and a sapphire CREB look like, lets get confused - shall we? Here is a pic of a Cornflower Blue CREB SN18 next to an HGCo PETTICOAT in light sapphire blue. I am certain of the coloring of the Light Sapphire Blue as ID'd by some of the color experts. Here we see the unfortunate fact that a good Cornflower CREB is akin to the color called Light Sapphire Blue in HG! Can we say "confusing color names?"

BTW - in direct sunlight - this is a good pic of the color. They tend not to look as good on a photo stage or with backlighting (sort of like cornflower HGCO 151's if you are familiar with them).