Insulators we need help with

By T.J. Singree; posted April 28, 2008

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Hi My son is 8 and started collecting with is Father on long walks on the RR. He now has 21 insulators :)

We have here 3 we know general info on but were wanting to get all our info for the data base we are creating.

the plastic insulator: CD# : ? Primary Embossing: H.K.Porter embossing index:? embossing: H.K.PorterCO.INC 106932 SB straw price?

the porcelain insulator: CD#: U-129 Primary Embossing: Porcelain Products embossing index:? embossing:none SB brown price:?

Rubber insulator: CD# : ? Primary Embossing:? embossing index:? embossing: R-5 CONTINENTAL RUBBER WORKS U.S.A. PAT. 2,218,497 /PAT 2,304,483 SB black price:?

Can anyone help? TIA!