Potentially NEW Hemingray - 42 Error

By Barrett Nicpon; posted April 12, 2008

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Good day to all you knowledgeable folks in ICON! I've got something here I would love to have cleared up - if anyone has a couple thoughts regarding the piece in the shown picture. Someone at the factory was apparently as confused as I am while making this mould!

While out on a recent hunt with Kyle, we turned up a couple interesting Hemingray - 42s still in poles. Hemingray - 42s, for those of you who don't know it, are comparitively rare here in Canada. The massive majority of insulators to be found are the more colourless Canadian-made counterparts, Dominion - 42s, with Hemingray - 42s only occasionally used on some short stretches, and in very small numbers.

Retrieving a couple to see what was in store, we were pleasantly surprised when we found that several had unusual qualities! Many had what I've termed the "underscore embossing", with the dash between "Hemingray" and "42" being so low in the embossing that it appears something like this, "Hemingray _ 42". Many others were super fizzy - thousands of tiny bubbles filling the glass right from the base, to the dome top. One was missing the dash between "Hemingray" and "42" altogether. And there was this piece.

When I first spotted it, I knew something was unusual about this piece. A very pronounced embossing ridge was visible between the "I" and the "N" in the HEMINGRAY embossing. The mark is obviously machined, and is in no way ghost embossing or anything the sort. At first, I believed the mark to be an extra "I" stamped by the mould maker in between the letters. Once I removed the soot and such from the piece, though, I began to analyze it a little closer. I realized that the piece had an additional marking in between the middle and right bars of the "N", which appeared to be a continuation of the embossing error. I began to examine it in a variety of light, and spotted what appeared to be a bar, perpendicular to the first error I spotted, and running underneath the "N". The best I can see is, the error is either a completely incorrectly placed "H" (which would appear to be the case from close examination of the marking), or an 'N', perhaps placed on a slight angle, and slightly left of where it should be, and thus re-stamped over top of the error in the location where it belongs. The latter seems more likely, as the error is actually in close proximity to the letter it is supposed to be.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Has anyone ever seen an error like this before? Take a look at the originally sized photo for a more up-close look at the embossing!

All the best!