brackets for LRIs

By Jim Colburn; posted April 1, 2008

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This is a wall display formerly in the collection of Bill and Jo Dreggors. The three columns of LRI brackets on the left are made for use with cross top and single groove styles. The vertical item next to those brackets is a short section of 'star' grounding rod. These were often 10 foot sections that screwed together. The male and female end sections are joined at the center. Center item is a 'bayonet' style point for a lightning rod. Next is a small section of braided copper grounding cable. The six brackets shown on the right are for spool and side tab style LRIs. However, the one on the bottom row, third from right is for the scarce 'Pat Apld For' LRI. The threaded brackets are for use on wooden buildings, the flat ones for use in stone or brick walls.