'Collection After Two Years'

By Roger Poole; posted March 21, 2008

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About one years or so ago I posted my collection up to date then. This pic is the same shelf that was in the front window of my last home. Since them it has grown upwards two shelves and has been back lite with light rope. Would prfer having the natural light comming through them but me and my wifes new home doesn't have store front windows.

This first pic of four shows about 1/3 of my over 500 insulator collection. On the top shelf here is my CD 154 Hemingrays, Diamonds, Lynchburgs and Whithal Tatums. My CD 152 Hemingray collection also shares this shelf. Next shelf down you'll find my small CD 214's and a bunch of other odd pieces of CD#'s from manufacturers I don't usually collect. The same goes for the third shelf down with the exception of my CD 162.3 Brookfields (To the left side. You can see the seperations between the others and the CD 162.3's)

The bottom shelf contains the majority of my Star collection, which are CD 145's and CD 162's. The whole next shelf up is my collection of CD 162's. Above them starting at the left you'll see my collection of AM Insulators which were all found locally (Wish I had the YOG AM Insulator that used to be on this shelf long ago!) In the middle section of this roll are my CD 133 and CD 134 Brookfields. And last but not least on the last section of this roll are my CD 156 POSTAL TEL & TEL Co.'s and next to them are my CD 136 Brookfield B&O's ( Oh!, there is also one or to Hemingray CD 136's there I believe.). The forth shelf up houses all my dome embossed glass. From left to right are my CD 131's, 132's, 133's,134's,126.3's, 126's and more.

And that's the begining of the tour of my insualtor room and collection. Hope you enjoyed these and will enjoy the rest in the following pics. Thank you for looking!