'Collection After Two Years'

By Roger Poole; posted March 21, 2008

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These short shelves are to the right of the windows and the left corner of my original shelves from my last residence. It contains from the top down: First we have my misc. Hemingray, Whithal Tatum, and Armstrong insulators ( I called them misc. here only because I can't recall all the CD#'s without looking them up). On the second shelf is my collection of CD 162 Gayners and Lynchburgs, and the begining of my small CD 151 collection that continues on the third shelf down. After the CD 151's start my CD 162.1 Brookfield collection. Follow the CD 162.1's and you'll see where my CD 145 Brookfield CREB begins. That Creb collection as you might notice has become crowded and the remainder of them are on the window sill with my CD 102 Diamonds.