Another May 22 1893 [blotted-out]

By Bob Scafe; posted March 13, 2008

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This is the insulator shown on the left 2 pictures back, and apart from the fact it is a corrected May 22 engraving, it seems there was a whole lot of something else going on. Check out the mess in behind the "AY" of May, and then there is the definite remains of a "2" on the right side of the "Y" Also noteworthy is the blotted out "2" in the May 22. You can see the upper circle of the blot-out, but it is only by holding the insulator that you can see the "shadow" of the blotted-out 2.. You have to wonder what was going on in the minds of the engravers. Getting married / divorced for the 2nd time. Going on holidays in only 2 more days, or maybe, just didn't care. No matter the reason, we as collectors get to speculate, and enjoy the various embossing available.