CD 113 blot-out [May 22, 1893 corrected]

By Bob Scafe; posted March 13, 2008

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This is the insulator shown on the right in the previous picture. It appears the mould had been engraved May 22, 1893, and then it was corrected with the resulting blot-out. A picture of a blot-out similar to this was posted on ICON the other day, asking if there were others "out there"

What I like particularly about this picture is that you can easily see a remanent of the tail on the "2" that has been blotted-out, immediately below the glass bump.

As mentioned earlier, 19 of 29 listings show corrections, mis-spellings and blot-outs. I just wonder with all the engraving errors etc., if mould engraving was something saved for Mondays and Fridays.