More messed up CD 113 embossings from Hemingray

By Bob Scafe; posted March 13, 2008

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Let's start with the insulator on the right. A similar picture was posted the other day on ICON asking if there were other insulators with the same date blotout. Short answer, yes. Mine looks like it was embossed May 22, and the front 2 was blotted out. If you twist it around to catch the light, you can faintly see the bottom leg of the blotted-out 2.

While looking for this insulator, I found the another, now shown on the left, with this interesting embossing variation. I honestly don't know what was happening here, but you can see the result. Most notable though is the additional embossing behind the "AY" in May, and the "2" partially hidden behind the "Y". To top it all off, there is another May 22 date with the first of the 2's being blotted out again. This time, instead of the raised glass bump, it is a fairly smooth blot-out.

I was curious as the Hemi CD 113's seem to have an unusually high number of blot-outs, corrections and / or spelling errors. Working from my 2003 price guide, I found 19 errors / corrections / blot-outs in 29 listings. Not something you would advertise to potential insulator customers, or mention in your job resume. Oh, yeah, I did all the mould engraving for the Hemingray CD 113 style insulators, maybe you know my work !!!