15-Arm Pole in NYC circa 1902 - snag from Grand Central

By Steve McCollum; posted February 20, 2008

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This is a video grab from my copy of the PBS show Grand Central. It shows a scene of a church which was featured about 18 minutes into the capture. The story had progressed to the point where they were mourning the dead from a rear-end collision in a tunnel near the old Grand Central Terminal, which occured on January 8, 1902. This accident was followed by the banning of coal-burning locomotives in New York City, and the subsequent electrification of the NYCentral and other lines, and construction of the new Grand Central Terminal.

Sorry about the poor quality. The vertical bar effect probably indicates that my video cables are "ringing" due to an impedance mismatch between the DirecTV receiver, my cables, and the Panasonic DVD recorder that I used to record the show.

I enjoyed the show so much that I might well buy the DVD. If I do, I will snag a better copy and post it.