Evansville and Western Railway

By Pat Scott; posted February 11, 2008

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This EVWR train was headed back to Mount Vernon, IN on 2/10/2008, after taking a cut of cars to CSX's Howell Yard in Evansville. Here the train is at Caborn, IN along the former CSX/SBD/L&N line from Evansville to Saint Louis. The line has a large number of Lynchburg 154s in smoke and green shades, mostly without wires. Every once in a while a smooth base 42 pops up, but in nothing like the quantities along the L&N in KY/TN and south back in the day. In fact, the pole just out of view had three nice yellow green Lynchburgs on it. They are still there, but I sure wish I could have got them.