"Calico" CD 162.1 SDP from Springfield

By Lee Brewer; posted February 3, 2008

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My son bought this at Springfield and showed it to me. He said he had a difficult choice between this one and, "the other one." My response: "THE OTHER ONE?!?!" I (figuratively) dropped what I was doing, grabbed him by the arm, and had him take me to the table. The next pic shows what I got (still trying to find something my boy wants to trade me for his!).

The amazing thing to me about this piece is that it is the same color and has the same amount of amber swirling as some pieces I pulled in Corry, PA. None of these 162.1's and 162' had SDP. This piece looks as if it was made from the same batch of glass. I am not saying there is a connection, just thought it interesting.

See what happened to the picture of this gem when I accidently hit the extreme end of the "hue" button/slider while color correcting the white area of this picture[id=206633521]