Patented Hemingray No.40 Rear View

By Roger Poole; posted February 1, 2008

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Here's the Patented Hemingray's 40's back side. Notice how the GRAY of HEMINGRAY rises up as if it doesn't want any part of HEMIN. When I saw this on my find I wondered what the mold maker had in his lunch pail that day. Does anyone out there have one of these, or has anyone ever seen one? I've looked through ever pic in this Embossing Error link and did not find one.

Added note: You may notice there is some damage to this insulators base. !/4 to 1/3 of the rounded dull drip points are missing. However, I'm very fortunate to have found this one in this condition. There are only a few pole still standing at the section of tracks where I found this one below the ground and beneath one of those poles. All insulators that remain on the cross arms of the existing pole show signs that there was a whole lot of target practice going on in the past.