CD 121 Denver Purple

By Dan Gauron; posted January 24, 2008

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No one likes to admit to being taken, but at least I can say it happened shortly after I became interested in the hobby and still vulnerable to mistaking odd looking colors as authentic. I got this dark purple Denver from a person back in 2004 and immediately suspected it's purpley blue color. Mike Miller took one look at it and confirmed it as altered. Just for the heck of it I decided to try a few experiments to see if there would be any noticable color change reversing it towards its original color. I cooked it in the oven for 2 hours, the mcrowave for 30 minutes, an acid bath for 1 week and finally, exposure to the Colorado sun for almost 2 years. These experiments produced a few cracks but not any perceptible change in the insulators color. I'll be handing it off to Dwayne at the Yuma show next week for the altered collection unless someone can think of another test I should run on it (other than its resistance to buckshot). Funny thing is, this piece has a nice bubble in the dome which probably would have brought in as much cash for the guy in it's original color (whatever that was).