1862 US Military Telegram

By Jack Foote; posted January 7, 2008

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Could NOT pass up on this! It is a 1862 US Military Telegram requesting the following to be shipped per the Steam Boat Jataw: 24 rolls (?) wire, 5 Brls Insulators (!!!), a lot (?) of tools, 4 kegs spikes, 2 cork Insulators (?), weighing in all 99.30 (? LLBS). From St. Luis to Paducah. All by order 'GH Smith Supt, Military Telegraph.' Signed by Capt. Lewis Parsons.

Would you just LOVE to know what was in those 5 barrels of insulators!?

PS-be sure to use the 'view original' button to view the text better. . . Where is Orson Wells when I need him!

Oh. . . if I only had a time machine!

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