CD 742 M.T. Co. Light Sagey Aqua - Wild Find!

By Barrett Nicpon; posted December 31, 2007

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An unusual piece to be certain, this is the threadless I described finding [id=203701757;here] on April 27th, 2007. It is repaired from 3 pieces, but still looks great. The glass is filled with milky, steamy swirls, and bubbles, including one finger-nail sized bubble in the rear skirt.

The embossing is mint condition, though the edge of the base has quite a bit of flaking, as is visible in the photo. An amber tadpole (plainly visible in the skirt) is probably the source of the cracks resulting in the piece falling apart.

The colour is what I find most unusual. I don't know quite what to call it, but I have not seen many M.T.Co. 742s in shades quite this light. Regardless, it looks great on the shelf, and I shall always cherish it as a wild find!