Electra Powerhouse switch room

By Paul Greaves; posted December 21, 2007

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The new full size photo viewing option is fantastic! Just the excuse to upload a couple outstanding photographs I got copied from the local county archives. This one is of the historic Electra powerhouse... one of the two original places the Fred Locke gutter top insulators were used. This appears to be a switch room. View the full size photo, and roam around... how many M-2795 gutter tops can you find? Hint: Some are partially hidden, but you can see parts of them peeking out from behind various things. As a second challenge, how many CD 286's can you find? Once you notice the rather unusual usage of them, you can see that there are a very large number of them! The switches themselves are very interesting, they are operated by the large levers on the left. The marble slabs seem to have been used to keep the arcs from shorting across phases when the switches were opened. This was from before the days of oil switches!

Warning: If you do not have a fast connection, you might not want to click on the full size photo link!