Dark Yellow green Star 200

By Peter Beshara; posted December 10, 2007

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THE DEAL IS FINAL. This being the season of giving, this would make a great gift . Also, as I picked this up very cheap, ALL money for it will go to World vision Foster Parents Canada . I feel this is better suited in a American collection. In the article Star Tracks by Frank Swies, it states the CD 200 Star doen't have the Elmer ring. This one does. While not a full 1/2 inch, it is about 3/8ths . Dark Yellow Green, the inner skirt and inside skirt are a unusual textured surface ( stippled) There are bubbles in the top (umbrella) 3/8ths 1/4 & 1/8th. Condition, There are annealing lines in base area, two of which meet at a tiny open bubble. None of this is damage, it is as made. There are, on the lower wire groove two flakes the size and thickness of a mosquitoes wings, One on top of the groove and one below. There are two flea bites on the dome, one has a 1/4 inch scratch with it. There is slight dullness in a few places on the edge of the umbrella. All of these minnor imperfections could be buffed out on a buffing wheel . Return . No problem, minus shipping. Book 2003 has $600-700. Offered at $600. plus shipping Money order ( International ) I feel in a catalogue auction this would go very high. Thanks Pete