Antique Show Finds, Dec 2007, picture 1

By Colin Jung; posted December 8, 2007

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Kicked myself out of bed to drive an hour to a monthly outdoor antique show. It was cold and windy and everyone wanted to leave early. Usually meager insulator finds even though they have 800 vendors, but not today. I cannot believe my good fortune. Check them out:

Bottles: La Vida refrigerator water bottle with lid - McLaughlin made. Oddly shaped "free form art" water bottle. McLaughlin-made.

Insulators: 2 CD 142 Hemingrays in carnival with copper liners. 2 CD 164 McLaughlins in emerald green. 1 dug CD 123 EC&M in aqua with tie wire still attached. 1 CD 143[120] No Embossing vertical ridge Withycombe in aqua with junk in glass and pronounced harelip

Click here for a close-up of the insulators [id=201712144]