Tracy is looking for Hewlett Hardware

By Bob Scafe; posted November 18, 2007

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Tracy, here is a picture of the larger [ I believe 10"] Hewletts using muffler clamps to replace the original hardware. Until you are able to get the original equipment, these will do in a pinch. Depending on the size of the Hewlett disk, there are a variety of clamps to do the job. Inexpensive and readily available at your nearby auto supply store. If you wish to shorten the space between the disks, you can hacksaw half way up the threaded portion of the shafts to shorten the throw. Remember to thread the double threaded nut all the way to the "U" in the clamp. After cutting off the excess length, back the nut off the threads. This solves any problems with re-threading. All said and done, they don't look that bad until you can get the real thing.