Really Different Eh? Two Piece Insulator in Bracket.

By Bob Scafe; posted November 6, 2007

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This was just too neat to pass up. Hidden away near the back of the sellers table, I almost missed it. I had lost out on a couple of other items because I was too slow to get my wallet out, so I pounced on this neat split insulator with its matching bracket. I am debating whether I should attempt to clean up the bracket or leave it as it is. I'm aware there are 2 schools of thought on this .. If anyone can shed some light on the purpose / use of this combination insulator and bracket, please respond through ICON. In the meantime, it is going up on a display rack in the Insulator Field in Merritt, British Columbia. That's in Canada, Eh? INFO UPDATE: Dave Dahle suggests it was to hold the conductor coming down from the cross arm going into an old series connected streetlight and Joe Maurath Jr. confirms it. Jimmy Burns suggests this is the Fort's Patent Insulator and bracket