Bad Engraving Job on the Embossing! Hemi-9

By Justin Behrens; posted October 31, 2007

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CD 106 Hemingray No. 9 with really bad job of engraving process on the embossing. I don't think I ever saw such a bad job at that on the Hemi 9! This gem is my favorite out of all Hemi 9's I've own so far.

If you can see the picture fine, you'll notice the Letter No with the underline in the 'o' which is fine and on the left of that there's also N but its blotted out, next to that there was supposed to be '2' it has been covered with two dots, '9' is very clear and visible then last 3 are also blotted out. The HEMINGRAY is visible but the picture won't show it clearly on the picture but it's there. What appears to be light faintly letter p between the E and M, between the N and G appears to be letter E.

This photo was shot with Canon PowerShot A540 digital camera. Not exactly the best picture though. If seen in person, you'll be surprised at the bad job.

EDIT: After looking over the embossing with a magnifying glass - I think the engraver did mistakenly put in the word patent and engraved "hemingray" over it instead. Number 9 was overlap on the 1 instead of being blotted out.