Black widow in a box of old commemoratives

By Mark Lauckner; posted October 24, 2007

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There are a lot of black widow spiders on Mayne Island, especially the area where I used to live down by the lighthouse. So, unfortunately I moved all my glass equipment and insulators over to my new location in 2000, and several egg sacks were in the mix. Now I have quite a well-established black widow community in my shop. I was unpacking some 1998 commemoratives the other day as someone buying the new set wanted a few of the old leftovers, and found one in the box. Put it in a canning jar for a day or 2 to show customers in the gallery, then let it go. I usually keep one in a jar with an egg sack during the summer to show kids. Once the eggs hatched and the jar was full of teeny weeny black widows. My sister got bit by one (not one of mine) and said it felt like boiling water from a kettle being poured over her body, starting from the area of the bite and spreading outward. She was in the hospital for 2 days.