An up close and personal look

By Bob Scafe; posted October 23, 2007

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Here is "Little Momma" upside down on an ice cream lid. This just gives a another view of her markings and colouration. At this stage just prior to birthing her young, she is bloated, slow moving and very awkward. She has lived for the last 2 months out on one of the display racks, hiding in one of my porcelain insulators. She lived on what got caught up in her web which was suspended between a couple of insulators, and seems to have been a successful hunter. Her web always had a plentiful supply of flying insects for her to feed on. One need always be careful when handling insulators outside, as you never know who or what is going to find the insulators make a great home. Also, have a look in each insulator before taking any inside your house. It will be a lot easier to check and clean out the insulator, than to explain why you have a humongous spider walking across a countertop. Especially if your wife finds it first. Yikes !!!