One of the hazards of Outdoor Displays

By Bob Scafe; posted October 23, 2007

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Spiders are usually rather secretive, and never more so than when about to give birth. This spider is huge, measuring about 3/4 in across the shoulders. She is shown on the lid of an ice cream container. I have known about this "little Momma" since mid August, when she took up residence up inside one of my porcelain insulators. Over the last 2 months, she has tripled her size, and last week, as I was about to check on her, I found her leaving the security of her home. She was on her way to give birth to her baby spiders. I'm no expert on spiders, but I believe she "live births" her young, and this in part accounts for her tremendous increase in size in so short a period of time. Collectors who keep insulator collections outside, or even while out hunting for insulators, must always be vigilant. Always check up inside the pinhole of every insulator. You never know whose home you have just disturbed. After a couple of quick pictures, "Little Momma" was released to the safety of some tall grass where she quickly disappeared