1929 Train wreck artifacts

By Andy Smith; posted October 16, 2007

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In March 1929 in Northern Ontario Canada, two passenger trains NO 3 west & No4 east meet one mile north of the siding Drocourt, Ontario. Number 3 had forgotten it, s meet at Drocourt on its train order..and resulted in a head on in this section of 60 mile an hour track..The deadly impact and fire resulted. Today modern railway employees know longer remember this area.the older generation has been long gone. Here, s some artifacts from that collision .solid cast steel plateing ,3'' thick, what appears to be the nose plate (with the holes) 1 1/2 inches thick and a shattered wheel are some of the remains found this year....The impact had to be massive to split metal into small bits and pieces..The tolls count was known as the journal was burnt in the firey wreck...Anyone visiting Canada can see a Memorial Plaque into remembrance to the people in the Parry Sound Cementry