What is the CD of this threadless piece?

By Bill Meier; posted October 14, 2007

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Here is a couple of nice threadless that showed up "On Golden Pond" at our 2007 outing. These were dug by a local collector a number of years ago.

I'm no threadless expert, but these seemed to fit the profile of a CD 731. However, these unembossed pieces have {MLOD} and the listing for No Embossing doesn't say they are {MLOD} So do I have the wrong CD? Standard side groove, concave skirt... Can't be that many CD's to choose from? ...

A nice Light Blue Aqua on the left, and a Olive Green Blackglass on the right.


ANSWER: From ICON discussion It seems the overwhelming opinion and hard evidence indicates that the piece is a CD 731 and that this piece does come in both {MLOB} and non-{MLOD} variants. Thus the PG should reflect this addition, and include a new listing list

[nnn] [No embossing] {MLOD} SB

at some point. Thanks to all that responded!