Russian HEMAH cobalt

By Bob Scafe; posted October 12, 2007

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After watching several dozen sell on eBay, the fates finally smiled on me and I managed to obtain one with out breaking the bank. It arrived today. Great excitement, and an interesting addition to the foreign glass collection. This particular insulator has " HEMAH " in barely 1/8 " lettering, [very small] placed exactly half way between the wire groove and the base. No other markings. This got me to wondering that if I was to get "Really Serious" about collecting Russian Cobalts, how many embossing variants are known. Has anyone taken the time and trouble to record the number of known embossing styles. Is it only a few, or am I going to spend the balance of my pension trying to get one of each embossing style. I have heard comments about how small they are, but I actually think that is part of their appeal. You can get so many more on a shelf. That's a good thing in a small house. Right. And one other thing, has anyone noted how many shades of cobalt are involved. Collecting the Russian cobalts might become a full time job.