Pink, Purple, and Peach - Whitall Tatum CD 154's Sold

By Mike Eiting; posted October 4, 2007

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You'll never find three better color pieces for the money! (Center) W.T. [010] Vibrant Purple in excellent condition - VNM - $30 shipped! (Right) W.T. [050] Peach - Great Color! The only flaw on this is a tiny 1/8" diameter chip off the base at the corner, not visible when diplayed - also VNM - $15 shipped! (Left) W.T. [020] Pink - Strong Color! Front W.G. has 1/2" flake from the underside which is hard to see, a tiny ping on the rear skirt near the base and a fleabite on the 'W' so we'll call it NM - $12 shipped! All three have been super cleaned to a nice shine. Have All Three Delivered to Your Door for $50!