M-4710 Lima line!!!

By Mike Spadafora; posted September 26, 2007

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This tower was once populated with the monster toadstool M-4710 Limas.... What a weird tower design!!! The towers were built in 1906-07 by the Airmotor Co who made and sold windmill towers for farm wind pumps . Nothe the unusulay long pins... they were designed for the massive 17" wide Lima multiparts .The original insulators appear to have been mostly replaced in the 1920's with various OB multiparts . Only a few fragments of the M-4710 can be found under the towers on the line... Where did they all go? Solve that mystery and you will make some porcelain guys very happy!!! This line ran From Ballston Spa, N.Y. to Amsterdam, N.Y. Acording to Jeff Kaminski, who explored this line from end to end, they used both M-4710 Limas and Thomases on these towers . He found pieces of both along the line. Here is a link to a photo of both M-4710 specimens[id=61655838]