Oh no, emergency!! Must sell cobalt blue 162

By Craig Johnson; posted August 9, 2001

Original not available


Someone cleaned out my bank account (unauthorized withdrawals, causing an overdraft) and the month isn't even 1/3 over. So I must regretfully sell this cobalt blue beauty to put food on the table and pop in the fridge during our heat wave.

Hemingray CD 162 (070), cobalt blue.

Color is very clear and vibrant, not muddy or murky. Nice done stringers, decent amount of dome glass. Displays nice in a sunny window. :)

Missing some drips (a lot of these are), and has two pinky-nail base slices, two pinky-nail sized inner petticoat slices, and a small upper w/g flake.

Paid around $250 for it, asking $200 OBO. 99.8% of the insulator for 50% of the price!!

I take PayPal, money orders, or cash. Location, Seattle WA.

Full-sized photo collage: http://insulatorz.home.att.net/4sale.jpg