French Porcelain Stripers

By Bob Scafe; posted September 17, 2007

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I have not seen such a variety of colours of horizontal stripes in any one style of insulator, and I have never before seen a diagonal stripe on a marker insulator. Have you ??? I am curious if this diagonal stripe is a unique feature, or if there are other insulators with diagonal stripes. If you have an example, would you please post a picture to the photo gallery and share it with us. These insulators were found in France by Lis and Jim Bergman on their most recent trip to France. Fortunately for me, they attended the Merritt Insulator show, and these 5 insulators found a new home at the Insulator Ranch. I had always liked the neat looking Gingerbread style insulators, but admit that the stripers are "right up there" when it comes to my favourite French insulators. Several questions. Do you recognize these insulators, know where they were used, or perhaps know who manufactured them. There are no makers marks found on the 5 insulators. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and comments about possible manufacturers, and availability of other diagonally striped marker insulators from anywhere in the world. Pictures would even be better. Thanks.