Hemingray Blue H.G.Co.s?

By Barrett Nicpon; posted August 31, 2007

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I posted [id=193008705;this photo] a few days ago, and was hit by a barrage of emails concerning the actual colour of the piece... some thing I had not thought much about.

So, I decided to post this photo of the piece alongside a Hemingray Blue H.G.Co. CD 151. I was told the 162 could be this colour, as well, so... does any one have any thoughts? They look quite similar to me, though the 162 is a little darker. Hemingray Blue is not listed in the [130] embossing index for H.G.Co. CD 162s, but I would think any of the colours the [080] transition mould come in would come in the [130] as well. The colours in this photo are a little too vivid, but you get the point.

All the best!