[130] H.G.CO. CD 162.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted August 29, 2007

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Working at a restaurant as the bartender - a profession which requires social diligence and flamboyancy - one tends to meet a lot of interesting folks.

So, while working under just those circumstances at a restaurant/cafe near to my home, I expected to maybe acquire some contacts for insulators through talking to people. I met up with a number of farmers, seniors, junk collectors, etc, all who frequented the place, and indicated they would be willing to part with some of their insulators. However, I didn't expect to befriend both the curator of a local museum, and a local historian through the job. The museum curator was nice enough to bring in a box of insulators he had sitting around which weren't being displayed, and pass them on to me as a tip for an evening of dining!

There were 4 insulators in the box - a Hemingray 40 in standard aqua, a Brookfield 152 with absolutely amazing amber swirls, but so full of cracks that light no longer passes through it, a Dominion -42 CD 154, and, surprisingly, this piece. My first thoughts were Hemingray blue or blue aqua, as I was looking at the [070] listing for H.G.Co. CD 162. However, it turns out I was short sighted at first, and had failed to notice the missing bar in the 'A' of 'MAY', making the piece the [130] listing! Coincidental that one of the few pieces in the box would actually be of interest from a collecting standpoint!

What's the strangest way you've acquired an insulators as of late. As a tip?

All the best!