1946 or 47 Buick Convertible

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted August 14, 2007

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Having restored a few post-WW2 cars during the 1970s-early 1980s I can really appreciate automobiles like this one. Like insulators, street lights, etc., they were among "street furniture" I really enjoyed looking at as a kid! And...all of these things still are eye-candy to me!!

Among my automobile restorations was a 1952 Buick convertible that I completed in 1979. I sold it in 1981 for less than a tenth of what they are going for now! The style was much like the one pictured here.

Added note: A tip-o-the-hat to Brent B. for noting to me that this automobile was either a 1946 or 1947 model...not a 1951.