CD 203 Yellow Telecom

By Caleb Thimell; posted February 24, 2002

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This beauty has the hard to find sharp drip points. Majority found are smooth based. Some might have added braille dots. (If anyone has a 203 with drips and braille dots please contact me!) These may have been made by Coovinal, a Colombian glass manufacturer. The texture of the glass (notice the ocean ripple effects) and its natural color tones are commonly found on Coovinal glass products.

One comment on its color- each glass manufacturer has their own unique colors of glass. What is yellow for one manufacturer may not necessarily match yellow for another. Some collectors associate light yellow ambers with yellow, but if you were to look at the Hemingray CD 128 you will find it doesn't look like the Hemingray signals with the same color name. So even same manufacturers can have the same name but still look different than other pieces they made. Obviously, there are variations of intensity of colors from piece to piece based on variations in glass batches, temperatures used to make them, cullet used, etc.