Fabulous Amber Swirled CD 145 American Beehive

By John Rajpolt; posted August 4, 2007

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Due to my change of collecting interests and lack of space, this one needs to find a new home. It is a CD 145 American beehive, embossing index [020]. There is a 'I' on the dome. It is a nice blue color. Check out the large amber waves in the glass. They pretty much dance up and down the whole insulator all around the piece. There is some black rust or something in the pinhole that I did not try to remove - that's what the black mass is in the glass. Clean that up and imagine what this would look like. I can provide a photo of the other side so you can see the amber there as well. One section of the insulator has some damage - confined to a section. There is a 1 inch long section of nibbling to the lower wire ridge, a 1 inch section of flakes from the base up into the skirt, and a 3/4 inch inner skirt chip. Again, these are all in one section - at about the '1883' alignment on the embossing. Also a few tiny pecks to the surface here and there and a bit of wire groove scraping. But those can be overlooked! The display is mint from the angle of the photo. Asking $375 and I will cover the postage.