U-988 Slashtop

By Fred Collier; posted June 10, 2007

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I picked up this nice U-988 Slashtop at Claude's show/swap meet yesterday (June 9, 2007). I was really pleased, and surprised, to find such a nice threadless insulator. Except for some wire rubs, this little guy is in about mint condition. The seller stated that he found this insulator in a PA fleamarket about 15 years ago. The measurements are 2-1/4" wide by 2-5/16" tall. This is sightly different than the U-988 drawing in Jack Tod's book, but I am still calling it a U-988 since all of these were made by hand. The glaze is an off white or a cream color and is crackled all over. Some of the rust stained wire rubs are can be seen in the wire groove.