"Delft" McLaughlin CD 154.

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 8, 2007

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I was told, a couple years back, when I acquired this piece that it is of a colour called "Delft Blue". Now, Delft, I've learned, is a very subjective colour term, and no two people really agree on what constitutes it.

So I'm going to say we've got a very unusual bluey-gray coloured McLaughlin No. 42 CD 154 in the [060] embossing style. The colour is what is listed as "Delft Blue", to the best of my knowledge, but as Mr.Boehm always says, you, the prospective buyer, can decide on colour. The photo is pretty darn accurate to what it looks like in person, though maybe a little darker than it really is. The condition is near immaculate, as well, with just one 1/4" fisheye barely noticable on the rear dome

Since "Delft", irrelevant as it is, is listed at $50-75 in the guide, but I got this piece for a good price, I'm going to say $40 U.S. plus shipping will get this one to you. All proceeds go to our trip across Canada to the west coast and back through the NW and central U.S.. Help some poor, unfortunate teenagers leave their flat, glacial plains geography and see some real sunsets out in the rockies! ;)

I accept personal cheques from any member of ICON, or any one I've dealt with before. All the best!