Fourth Annual S.W.O.I.S. June 2nd, 2007

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 8, 2007

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Although there can be no out-doing Mr. Burger's photo commentary, here are some photos from our recent Fourth Annual South-Western Ontario insulator swap! One of the few shows Canada has to offer (somewhere around 6 of them held annually in grand total), it seems to attract a few more collectors each year, and since every loves the annual backyard swap where everyone is not only a fellow collector, but also a good friend, it will hopefully continue to grow!

In an effort to enhance the physical therapy of the show, the tables were spread out over a much larger area than years past... not really sure how it went about that way, to be honest, but they were all the way across the lawn. Shown in the photo are, in the foreground from left to right, Bob Humphires (I believe...), Henry Nicpon (my father), and Kevin Kidd, conversing about what a real insulator is. "So that's what they look like", my father says.

In the back ground, from left to right, Ted Wilush, Kyle Waters, and Cliff MacMinn contrive to remove all the insulators from my collection without me noticing.