"Blue" B CD 145

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 7, 2007

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Not sure if this one is ordinary any where down in the states, but I know I sure haven't turned up too many of them up here! For your consideration this evening is an odd dark blue, or dark blue aqua B CD 145. It's NOT the sapphire the photo shows, as it shows a bit too much blue. There is a tiny bit of green in this piece. Either way, it shines like the dickens in a window on a bright day, and it's nothing like the generic Brookfield aqua pieces we're all used to. This batch is a little different. Different being good. :)

For those interested, the shop number on the dome is a backwards '10' in large, crude numbers. The embossed "B" is one of those large ones, and stands at an impressive 1/2" tall!

The condition is quite good, with just one 1/2" base flake right around the area of my thumb in the photo. There are also a few little pinpricks here and there, most notably a 1/8" ping on the rear side dome. Oh, and there's a 1/2" open bubble in the rear base.

I'm asking $10 U.S. plus shipping for this shining odd example. All proceeds go to our trip across Canada to the west coast and back through the NW and central U.S.. Help some poor, unfortunate teenagers leave their flat, glacial plains geography and see some real sunsets out in the rockies! ;)

I accept personal cheques from any member of ICON, or any one I've dealt with before. All the best!